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Hotel Kutuma

Hotel Kutuma is a 4 star hotel
3708 rue St-Denis
Montreal, Canada  H2X3L7

Hotel Kutuma, Montreal Details

Property Name: Hotel Kutuma
Hotel Chain Name: Reconline
Address: 3708 Rue Saint-denis
Number of Rooms: 9
Number of Floors: 3
Longitude & Latitude: -73.57, 45.52
Number of Photos: 20

Weekday Room Price Range: $123 to $424
Weekend Room Price Range: $135 to $339
Promotions: Room type: Queen Superior - Non-Refundable :: Save 15% on this stay! + Free Wireless Internet on 06/03/2013, Room type: Queen Superior :: Free Wireless Internet on 06/03/2013

Star Rating: 3.0
Average Review Rating: 4.59
Number of Customer Reviews: 39
First Customer Review Date: 11/29/2006
Last Customer Review Date: 09/15/2012

Recent Hotel Kutuma Review: "We had a great stay at the Hotel Kutuma, highlighted by the friendly service, comfortable bed and sitting area, and the best bathroom. Got there early and was unable to get in to our room. In the meantime, we were treated to a complimentary, delicious cup of coffee. We were able to leave them our luggage and car, and went off to explore the city on foot and Metro (stop a bit of a walk, but nothing too bad). When we returned our luggage was in our room. The king sized bed was soooo comfortable, but the highlight was the bathroom. There was a huge deep tub with this great showerhead that adjusted to your height, and side panels featuring additional water jets. Very cool. I can't say enough how nice the proprietor was, and I had a great time wandering around the surrounding neighborhood. In fact a few blocks down there is a street closed to traffic, with numerous bars and restaurants."

Check-in Time: 3 PM
Check-out Time: NOON

Restaurants Near Hotel Kutuma: Starbucks, St Hubert, Quiznos, Hard Rock Cafe, Zabihah World
Attractions Near Hotel Kutuma: Bixi - MontrAal, Europcar, Ermenegildo Zegna, Ferry, Populated places in Canada
Other Hotels Near Hotel Kutuma: La Presidence Hotel And Suites, Hotel Loft Vip, Hebergement Temara, Montreal Espace Confort, Econo Lodge Downtown Montreal

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